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Message from the founder

Working in higher education, I got used to the common practice of writing few dozens of letters of recommendation (LORs) annually. This always led to many back and forth emails to collect supporting documents, due dates and LOR destinations, which at times was time consuming. Over the years, naturally, the list of written letters of recommendation gets longer, which was infeasible to organize. In today’s society, the time is of an essence. In order to save time, we plan and look for ways to stay organized and more efficient, so I wanted to create a tool that would help many busy professionals stay organized, all while writing the strong recommendation letters needed to help others pursue their endeavours. Thus- the idea of eLORorganizer was born. My hope is that this tool will allow you to find a simple solution to be more efficient, which in turn will save you valuable time.

Jelena Maric Antonijevic
US office

Company Overview

Who are we?

As a pioneering electronic letter of recommendation organizing system, eLORganizer allows busy professionals to effectively organize LOR requests, supporting documents and due dates all in one spot.

Why was eLORganizer created? We like to say that it is because we want to help organize one professional at a time… …

eLORganizer’s goal is to allow organized access to requested LORs- wherever you work. In addition, it helps reduce paper waste and e-mail clutter, elevate efficiency, focus where it matters, such as writing the letters, and increase the security and control around the provided documents. -eLORganizer team

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